Over the past few decades the field of "ferroelectrics and device applications" has expanded quite rapidly. The research field has grown into several multiferroics based applications and now becoming a well recognized field touching the multidisciplinary boundaries of various emerging multifunctional technologies, devices as well as electronic materials research. Geographically, it is being researched in most of the developed and developing economies and to some extent in several other countries. In recent years the participation and role of women researchers in this research field has been growing in a number of ways as: enhanced contributions to the various funded research programs in academic institutions, successful technologists, entrepreneurs and in several other similar responsible roles. With the recognition of these facts it is very desirable to further promote and highlight the role of women scientists in this important field of science and technology.

In view of this, during the IMF2017 meeting, we are planning to hold a special recognition event "WOMEN AT THE FRONTIERS OF FERROELECTRICS" and would like to showcase:
1. their involvement in the current research; basic and applied,
2. the possibility of enhancing international collaborative research,
3. the opportunities for international cooperative research funding in various countries,
4. the ways to enhance women's role in the applied multi-faceted research and technologies in this field, among other aspects.

Several invited talks by women researchers will be presented in various regular topical sessions at the IMF2017 meeting and also will hold an event to recognize their important role in the field of ferroics, multiferroics as well as multifunctional materials and devices.

Event Organizer(s):
Prof Ruyan Guo, UTSA,



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