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We have tried to put the program of the meeting based on your abstracts submitted in various topical areas. Some areas were highly crowded while other areas were sparse in the number of abstracts submitted. Also, some submitted abstracts lacked the precise selected topic areas to be included in while some of those were quite off from the real areas of interest to the meeting. Considering the program organizing system, we did face some difficulties to put a perfect flow to the titled subject areas. As this is an International meeting that belongs to all of us, the program committee tried to accommodate as many presentation requests as possible to be ORAL within the given time frame. A few requests, asking for 5 to 10 extra minutes time requirements for their presentation, were received . These requests could not be accommodated in the current program but we will give some consideration to them as we approach closer to the time of the conference.

At the time of this meeting we would all like to offer a few special tributes to our very special Ferroelectric community members Prof. L. Eric Cross, Prof. Jan Fousek and Prof. Hans Schmidt, who had a long time association with this field. Both Prof. Fousek and Prof. Cross were also the champion to initiate this series of IMFs. We will dedicate three areas: Domains, Relaxors and Multiferroics to honor Prof. Fousek, Prof. Cross and Prof. Schmidt, respectively, at the time of this IMF. This year the IMF series has crossed its 50th year.

We appreciate the enthusiasm and interest of the researchers in the field of ferroelectrics and related areas who have always made this meeting a successful event.

Program Committee, IMF2017



We will be having two poster sessions at the IMF2017. Each poster session displaying roughly 100 posters. The poster size should meet the specific requirements considering the fairness to all the presenters and the viewer participants.

* There will be two poster sessions: Session 1: (Tuesday Sept. 5) and Session 2 (Wednesday Sept. 6), from 4:15 pm to 6:15 pm. The authors are asked to have posters hanged in advance by 1pm on the day of the given session. Each poster may remain displayed until 10 am the next day.
* The poster numbers will be available on the poster boards at 10am of the given day.
* The poster presenter should stand by the poster during the scheduled poster session to answer questions and for technical discussions.
* Please remove posters by 10 am the next day after the scheduled session. IMF2017 assumes no responsibility for posters left up beyond the allotted display time of a poster session.
* Volunteers will be available on-site to provide needed assistance.

Display Area specifications:
* 36 inches (width) x 48 inches (height). Double sided Velcro fasteners will be provided to hang the poster. Each poster must fit within the designated display area.

Format and Suggestions:
* Poster presentations are hard-copy (printed media) format only. We discourage the mere photocopy display of the submitted manuscript as a poster.
* Posters of vertical format/arrangement would be better usage for the given display area.
* The entire poster layout should be readable to the attendees from four to six feet away.

Please note that,
* The presenters should be available at the poster sessions.
* If the author(s) of the poster papers is/are not attending the meeting and the poster is presented by other than the co-author, the particular paper may not be considered for the publication in the J. Ferroelectrics.


All oral presenters are asked to use the official laptop provided in each meeting room. The laptop will have MS office 365 and Adobe reader preinstalled. The laptop computer has several USB3.0/2.0 ports or the authors may upload the presentation in the conference system a day ahead of the time. Speakers are requested to preload oral presentation in the official laptop at least two hours before the talk.
Each meeting room will be equipped with an overhead projector and with built in sound system. Remote controller/laser pointer and microphone will also be available in the rooms. Speakers are strongly encouraged to test run the presentation especially if video or sound files are used.
Please inform meeting organizers ( and session chairs if there are any last minute changes.

Please, note that
If the oral paper presenters would like to present their work as posters also, pl do contact the organizers at least about a week ahead of the formal dates of the meeting. Only a limited number of such posters can be accommodated in the conference program.

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