Plenary/Invited Speakers


Aaron Lindenberg, Stanford University, USA, "Ultrafast polarization dynamics in ferroelectric thin films"

Alexander A. Demkov, University of Texas Austin, USA, "Non-linearity of ferroelectric oxides and possible applications in neuromorphic computing?"

Alexander A. Sigov, Moscow Technological University, Russia, "Systems with defects of random local field"

Andris Sternberg, The University of Latvia, Latvia, "The Structure and Phase Transitions of Na1/2Bi1/2TiO3 - ATiO3 Solid Solutions"

Annette Bussmann-Holder, Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research, Germany, "EuTiO3: a possible multiferroic with unusual magneto-optical properties and applications"

Anquan Jiang, Fudan University, China, "High-density ferroelectric random access memory using wall-current readout of binary information"

Anthony Michael Glazer, Oxford & Warwick University, Great Britain, "PZT: Are we there yet?"

Antoni Planes, University of Barcelona, Spain, "Multicaloric effects in Multiferroics"

Arkady Levanyuk, University of Washington, USA, "Loss of elastic stability and formation of inhomogeneous states at phase transitions in thin films on substrates"

Beatriz Noheda, University of Groningen, Netherlands, "Domain walls in ferroelastic oxides as memristive devices"

Brahim Dkhil, Ecole Centrale Paris, France, "Some guidelines for improving caloric response using ferroelectrics"

Carlos A. P. de Araujo, University of Colorado, USA, "Integrated ferroelectrics and Ferroelectric Memories - A Mature Technology and the Future"

Ducinei Garcia, Federal University of Sao Carlos, Brazil, "Optical and electrooptical properties of rare earth doped transparent ferroelectric ceramics"

Dwight Viehland, Virginia Tech, USA, "Magnetoelectric Gyrators for I-V Conversion"

Feng Pan, Tsinghua University, China, "Manipulation of Electric Field effect by Orbital Switching"

Gary Messing, Penn State, USA, "Processing and Properties of Next Generation Textured Piezoelectric Ceramics"

Guangyong Xu, NIST, USA, "Probing short-range order in PZN-xPT and PMN-xPT relaxor ferroelectrics with neutron scattering"

Guorong Li, Shanghai Inst. of Ceramics, Chinese Acad. Sc., China, "Role of Li for BaTiO3 Based Lead-Free Piezoelectric Ceramics"

Hiroki Moriwake, National Institute for Materials Science, Japan, "Possibility of ferroelectricity in wurtzite-structured zinc oxide thin films"

Hong Wang, Xi'an Jiaotong University, China, "Dielectric Composites for Energy Storage"

James F. Scott, University St. Andrews, UK, "Non-Equilibrium Domains in Ferroics"

James Rondinelli, Northwestern University, USA, "Strain induced polar to nonpolar transitions in layered perovskites"

Janice L. Musfeldt, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA, "Phonon mode links ferroicities in multiferroic [(CH3)2NH2]Mn(HCOO)3"

Jared Kinyon, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan, "Inducing Ferroelectricity into the M3CuCl3 (M = Ti+, K+) Family of quantum Antiferromagnets"

Jens Kreisel, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, Luxembourg, "Spin-lattice coupling in the potential multiferroic SmFeO3"

Jiri Hlinka, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic, "Domain wall engineering: concept, chalenges"

Jiyan Dai, Hong Kong University, "Strain-Induced Tunability of Electroresistance in Ferroelectric Tunnel Junctions"

Jose A. Eiras, Federal University of Sao Carlos, Brazil, "Influence of Processing on the Photovoltaic Properties of some Lead Free (KNN) and Lead Based (PFN) Multiferroics"

Julio A. Gonzalo, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, *Universidad del País Vasco, España "On the Paraelectric Behavior of Water at T=T*=60 oC as a Polar Liquid"

Junming Liu, Nanjing University, China, "Simulation of Topological Domains in Hexagonal RMnO3 Patterns and Kinetics of Domain Walls"

Kenji Ohwada, QST, Japan, "Multiple length scales in relaxor ferroelectrics"

Krishna Rajan, SUNY Buffalo, USA, "Accelerated Discovery and Design of Ferroelectrics through Statistical Learning Methods"

Krystian Roleder, University of Silesia, Poland, "The macro- and nanoscale phenomena in BaTiO3 single crystal"

Laurent Bellaiche, University of Arkansas, USA, "Atomistic Simulations of Relaxor Ferroelectrics"

Li-Xian Sun, Guilin Univ. of Electronic Technology, China,"Novel Lead-free Ferroelectric Ceramics and Energy Storage Materials"

Long-Qing Chen, Penn State, USA, "Thermodynamic Stability of Polar Vortices in Ferroelectric Superlattices"

Manfred Fiebig, ET, Zurich, Switzerland,"Domain dynamics in ferroics"

Marty John Gregg, Queen´s University Blefast, UK, "Towards Ferroelectric Domain Wall Electronics"

Maya Glinchuk, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine, "New trends in fundamental physics and applications due to spontaneous flexoelectric effect in nanoferroelectrics"

Mitsuri Itoh, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Yokohama, Japan, "Ferroelectricity in κ-Al2O3-type (A,Fe)2O3(A=Al, Ga, Fe, Rh, In, Sc, and In) multiferroic oxides"

Naratip Vittayakorn, King Mongkut's Institute of Technology, Thailand, "Direct synthesis of tetragonal BaTiO3 nanoparticles by sonochemical and surface active etching method"

Naresh Dalal, Florida State University, USA, "Developing Novel Multiferroic Materials"

Nava Setter, EPFL, Switzerland, "Insight into Structure, Properties, and Mobility of Ferroelectric Domain Walls"

Orlando Auciello, University of Texas at Dallas, USA, "Science and Technology of Interface-Engineered Biocompatible Piezoelectric Oxide/Ultrananocrystalline Diamond (UNCDTM) Films for a New Generation of Multifunctional/Biomedical MEMS/NEMS Devices"

Pavel Marton, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic, "First-principles based Landau-Devonshire potential for BiFeO3"

Peter Gehring, NIST, USA, "On the Relationship between Materials Properties and Short-Range Order in Highly Piezoelectric Lead-Based Relaxors"

Ramamoorthy Ramesh, U.C. Berkeley, USA, "Emergent Chirality in Oxide Superlattices"

Rohit Prasankumar, Los Alamos National Lab., USA, "Using intense THz pulses to probe and control dynamics in multiferroics"

Ronald E. Cohen, Carnegie Science Institute, USA, "Large Coupling Ferroelectricity through Polarization Rotation"

Seigey Vakhrushev, Ioffe Institute, Russia, "Critical dynamics and formation of the intermediate ferroelectric phase in the Zr-rich PZr1-xTixO3"

Sergei Kalinin, Oak Ridge National Lab., USA, "Coupling surface electrochemistry with bulk ferroelectrics"

Seungbum Hong, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, KAIST, Korea, "Room-temperature relaxor ferroelectricity and photovoltaic effects in SnTiOx/Si thin film heterostructures"

Stanislav Kamba, Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic, "Static and dynamic magnetoelectric coupling in multiferroics with hexaferrite structure"

Steven Lee Johnson, ETH Zurich, Switzerland, "Driving structural dynamics in ferroelectrics with THz light"

Supon Ananta, Chiang Mai University, Thailand, "Influences of nanogold addition on microchemical composition, domain structure and electrical properties of perovskite BaTiO3-based ceramics"

Sylvain Bertaina, CNRS, France, "Magnetic Resonance Probing of Ferroelectricity and Magnetism in Metal-Organic Frameworks"

Tae Won Noh, Seoul National University, Korea, "Atomic Control of Ferroelectricity in Oxide Thin Films and Hetrostructures"

Tanmoy Maiti, IIT Kanpur, India, "Strontium Titanate based Double Perovskites: A new paradigm for high temperature thermoelectrics"

Tsuyoshi Kimura, University of Tokyo, Japan, "Coupled multiple order parameters and their domain switching in magnetoelectrics"

Turab Lookman, Los Alamos National Lab., USA "Guided Materials Design: Search for ferroelectrics with targeted properties"

Venkatraman Gopalan, Penn State University, USA, "Metallic Ferroics: Coexistence of Noncentrosymmetry, Metallicity, Electron correlation and Magnetism"

Vinay Gupta, Delhi University, India, "Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) based Electro-optic and Magneto-optic modulator"

Vladimir Fridkin, "The Bulk Photovoltaic Effect in the Crystals Without Symmetry Center and their Applications in Solar Energy Harvesting"

Vladimir Shur, Ural University, Russia, "Nanoscale domain structures in uniaxial ferroelectric single crystals"

Wolfgang Kleemann, University Duisburg-Essen, Germany, "Ferroic superglasses : polar nanoregions in relaxor PMN vs ferromagnetic nanoparticles in a superspin glass"

Xavier Moya, University of Cambridge, UK, "Inverse barocaloric effects in ferroelectrics"

Xiao Qiang Liu, Zhejiang University, China, "Hybrid improper ferroelectricity in Ruddlesden-Popper A3B2O7 ceramics"

Xiaohui Wang, Tsinghua University, "Remarkable Ferroelectric Properties in Ultrafine BaTiO3 Nanocrystals"

Xiaoqing Pan, UC Irvine, USA, "Atomic Scale Structure and Dynamic Behaviors of Domain Walls and Vortices in Multiferroic Thin Films"

Xiaozhou Liao, School of Aerospace, Sydney, Australia, "In-Situ Transmission Electron Microscopy Investigation of Ferroelectric Domain Switching Induced by External Stimulation"

Yao Kui, IMRE, A*Star, Singapore, "Composition and crystallization control in lead-free ceramic and polymer ferroelectrics derived from non-crystalline precursors"

Yuji Noguchi, The University of Tokyo, Japan, "Polarization twist in perovskite ferrielectrics: A study on (Bi,Na)TiO3-BaTiO3 single crystals"

Yun Liu, ANU, Australia, "Defects and dielectric polarization in polar functional materials"

Zuo Guang Ye, SFU, Canada, "Role of Random Electric Fields in Lead-free Relaxor Ferroelectrics"


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