The International Meeting on Ferroelectricity (IMF) is a prime meeting which covers the basics and theory of ferroelectric behavior in various materials with potential for applications in the most advanced electronic sensors and devices

Over the past half century, since this series started (in 1967) the meeting is held every four years in different locations around the world, IMF has provided the platform to bring together researchers from academia, industry and government laboratories to share their knowledge in the field and to present the development of novel applications of ferroelectricity in various interdisciplinary and cross-coupled research areas. As a result, the IMF series has nurtured several special Symposia and Conferences in related fields and accelerated the rapid growth and extended interests in the field of ferroelectrics around the globe. The major themes and drives of these premier meetings have been to present the recent developments in the new understandings of fundamentals, advances in the field and bringing out the novel emerging cross-coupled effects among various characteristics of materials such as semiconductors, biosystems, and so on. Over the decades the conference has provided extensive and cumulative understanding of a large family of novel ferroic materials. The previous thirteen IMFs spread over the last fifty years have successfully established the field by serving its goals to the targeted research community.
The Fourteenth International Meeting on Ferroelectricity (IMF-2017) invites your participation and support to continue this important tradition of the Ferroelectrics Community.

SCOPE - Topics included but not limited to:

  • Theory, First principle calculations, phase transitions and critical phenomenon;
  • Growth of crystals, processing of materials & characterization and structure: property relationships, thin films;
  • Domains and boundaries; surfaces and interfaces, imperfections, controlling and exploiting topological defects;
  • Dielectric, piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties;
  • Ferroelectric polymers, liquid crystals, composites;
  • Incommensurate and modulated structures;
  • Probing the nanoscale ferroelectric behavior and size effects;
  • Order-disorder phenomenon, ferroelectric relaxors;
  • Ferroics, bio-ferroics, multiferroics, bio-multiferroics, cross-coupled and secondary ferroics;
  • Raman, IR, sub-millimeter, THz, microwave spectroscopy;
  • Ferroelectric-semiconductor integration;
  • Novelty of perovskites, single phase ferroics, mixed oxides for energy harvesting and superconductor oxides;
  • Simulation, modeling and design of novel ferroics and meta-electronic materials;
  • Ferroelectrics by design -- beyond serendipity
  • Novel applications and device concepts using various ferroics, multiferroics for the applications in bio-components, multifunctional device concepts
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